Road Trip Box Refills (No box included)

Big Chief Jerky

  • $33.00

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Restock for your next road trip with our discounted refills!

Our Road Trip Box Refills features an assortment of Big Chief flavoured jerky. There's something for everyone and enough to keep you all fueled for your trek.


1- 120g Teriyaki Jerky OR 120g Original Jerky 

1- 80g bag of either Original, Jalapeño, Teriyaki, Hot, Black Pepper, Jamaican Style Jerk, Original Mini Beef Sticks, or Sweet & Spicy

1- 50g Original Pouch

1- 30g Jalapeno Pouch

1- 30g Original Beef Stick Pouch

1- 30g Hot Pouch

1- 30g Teriyaki Pouch

1- 30g Original Pouch

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